Focus Entertainment is one of Europe’s leading video game publishers and developers.

  • Supporting creative freedom

    Focus Entertainment’s editorial policy stands out through innovative ideas which respect players and transcend video game boundaries.

    Our catalogue is composed of varied games, representative of all genres. Our developer partners, whether they are young, independent studios or industry veterans, share the same strong vision: to create games with unique content and high commercial potential. Our games are aimed at players worldwide regardless of age, gender, origin or culture.

  • A federation of talents

    Focus Entertainment unites talents throughout the creative process, from development to commercialization.

    We support our developer partners in their vision, participating in financing projects and investing in studios through the acquisition of stakes. We integrate talents and studios with singular visions within our strong and ambitious Group, promoting value creation, securing IPs and designing 360-degree strategies for our brands. We are committed to bringing together and nurturing our talents within this shared vision; a virtuous cycle where passionate individuals create synergies that allow Focus to innovate, adapt, and predict the dynamic video game market.

  • Expertise and innovation

    Focus Entertainment has over 20 years of expertise in video game publishing: production monitoring, communication, global marketing, commercialization and distribution.

    Our partners benefit from our deep know-how supporting their unique creative visions. Through every step of the creative process our talents focus on quality to develop unique and innovative franchises with successful mass-market reach (Space Marine 2, A Plague Tale, Evil West, The Surge, SnowRunner, Aliens: Fireteam…).